Environmental Focus

Solutions for our changing world.

The world is changing. Population growth requires us to produce more food from an ever-smaller amount of land and to supply increasing needs for power, light and water. Climate change is making flood prevention a constant challenge. And the depletion of finite resources is making green waste recycling more and more crucial.

At Mastenbroek we have been proactive in engineering efficient and effective solutions to environmental issues. For example:

  • Mastenbroek drainage trenchers provide cost-effective agricultural drainage installation to help maximise crop yields and minimise use of fertilisers and agro chemicals
  • Mastenbroek Environmental offers solutions for maintaining watercourse vegetation and dredging of manmade or modified watercourses in lowland areas with pumped drainage, thus maintaining their efficiency in moving water to the pumps
  • Mastenbroek deep trenching enables horizontal de-watering for construction sites, or in situ soil mixing for embankment reinforcement or foundations in urban construction
  • Mastenbroek trenchers provide efficient utilities pipe and cable installation – oil, gas, water, sewerage, electricity, telecommunications and renewables – on land and sub-sea
  • Mastenbroek also supply engineered solutions for green waste recycling

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