Sub-surface Drainage

Drainage has been fundamental to the development of agriculture and infrastructure to feed and accommodate population growth, and to conserve land resources.

Subsurface drainage systems are used when shallow water tables cause drainage problems or in soils with a low infiltration capacity or prohibitive salinity levels.

Subsurface drainage was widely introduced in Europe and North America in the twentieth century. Today developing countries, are significant investors in subsurface drainage, but drainage in the developing world is still far from sufficient, this is generally where climates are arid and tropical, that drainage is needed the most.

Mastenbroek expertise

Mastenbroek is located in The Fens, an area of England that would not exist without drainage and the country’s most fertile farmland. With over 40 years’ global experience, Mastenbroek provide engineered solutions that enable the efficient installation of subsurface drainage to precision on grade standards in a wide range of applications:

  • Mastenbroek chain trenchers and trenchless plows allow lateral and collector drains to be installed in farmland
  • Mastenbroek 1012d is ideal for installing drainage to maintain play on sports turf during and after rainfall, including golf courses, racecourses, and football, rugby and cricket pitches
  • Mastenbroek 9/12 and 1012d are compact solutions that can be used in restricted-access areas, such as orchards and glasshouses
  • Mastenbroek CT12 and GT8 enable backfill filtration aggregate to be placed on or around drainage pipes
  • Mastenbroek machines are factory prepared for Trimble laser or GPS for precision on grade installation, and optional GPS survey, design and mapping
  • Mastenbroek P15 jetter is an efficient way to routinely clean existing drains, preventing blockage from sediment and root growth

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