Utility Trenching

Utilities, such as oil, gas, water, sewerage, electricity and telecommunications, are all transported long distances below ground where terrain can vary from soil to hard rock and environments can encompass urban areas, highways or cross country, on land or offshore.

Traditional methods of utility trenching include excavating, hammering or blasting, but these make it difficult to avoid disrupting the ground or buildings close to the trench opening, and also different processes are required for different stratum.

Mastenbroek expertise

Thanks to Mastenbroek patented technology which has allowed chain trenching in soft to hard rock, utility trenching can now take place in one simple pass, automatically achieving the correct depth of trench, removing all strata and leaving the surrounding area virtually undisturbed.

  • Mastenbroek rock trenchers can excavate continuous trenches to install pipes and cables to depths of up to 5 metres and widths of up to 2 metres
  • Mastenbroek compact trenchers are designed for use in cities or highways where access is restricted
  • Mastenbroek HRT Series rock trenchers provide productive performance where conventional trenchers are not viable, for example in hard rock or permafrost, or where deep and wide cut trenches are required
  • All Mastenbroek machines and auxiliary equipment are designed to maximise productivity in a controlled and safe environment for the operator

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