Engineered Solutions

At Mastenbroek we are world renowned for our expertise in the design and manufacture of self propelled trenchers and specialist attachments, and we apply the same engineering knowledge to the one-off bespoke machines we build for customers.

Every Mastenbroek solution is designed to bring you unrivalled versatility, productivity, efficiency and operator safety, and our bespoke builds are no different. Whether we’re applying our knowledge of ground engaging cutting technology, low ground pressure tracked vehicles, machine control and cooling systems, diesel hydrostatic drives, and more, our approach is the same: we listen to your exact needs and then work with you to create a cost-effective solution that will give you the performance you’re looking for, no matter what the application or operating conditions.

Below are a few examples of Mastenbroek bespoke machines and trencher attachments. Please contact us to see how we may be able to help with your particular requirements.


For applicationwhere our standard build CT12 crawler truck is not suitable, we have built bespoke crawler trucks either with or without tipping hoppers and for civil engineering applications or extreme low ground pressure, such as peat bogs (saturated ground).

Peat harvestor

For harvesting peat where extreme low ground pressure is critical, we have built various harvesters incorporating lightweight alloy structures and long reach conveyors.

Green waste recycling

For applications such as in-vessel composting, we manufacture horizontal cutting beams to widths in excess of 6 metres and winch systems for pulling the cutting beam through the composted green waste.

Syncro trench

For applications such as gravity flow sewerage pipes, the Syncro Trench will simultaneously trench and install mechanically jointed pipes within a bedding surround to an on grade and in line laser precision, whilst keeping the operators safely at ground level.

Pipe box

We manufacture installation boxes for pipes or multiple cables which may need to be placed within a sand envelope and incorporate a detector/hazard tape.

Gravel compactor

When installing on grade drainage pipes in saturated soils it is sometimes necessary to discharge the sand or gravel filtrate under a controlled load to over come the below ground water pressure.

On grade laser for rock trenchers

Our unique on grade laser control for rock trenchers enables pipes to be installed to sub-surface drainage accuracy in hard ground, and laser steering ensures precision tracking.

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