At 760hp and weighing almost 90 tonnes with a powerful oscillating undercarriage, the 7045 is proven over arduous cross country terrain in demanding climates. A dual motor drive on the cutting head enables both deep and wide trenches, when fitted with laser control this heavyweight machine will excavate a precise trench to laser accuracy for applications such as gravity flow pipelines.

Machine features

Trench method - Digging chain with stepless adjustable speed
Trench depth range - 0 - 4.5m
Trench width range - 670mm - 1200mm
Digging chain drive - Dual hydrostatic low speed high torque motors
Spoil discharge - Conveyor to either left or right hand side
Scraper - Independent hydraulic folding
Power unit - Cummins 560kw (760hp) powering main and auxiliary pumps
Undercarriage - Heavy duty Oscillating D7E
Track pad - 800mm Triple grouser
Track drive - Independent hydrostatic, high & low speed drive 0 - 4000m/hr
Operators position - Ergonomic cabin with heating & A/C. ROPS certified
Transport dimensions Length 14.8m - Width 4.6m - Height 3.8m (Approx)
Weigth - 86 tonne (Approx)

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